Why Fort Lauderdale is ripe for Growth 

A booming town with more n ew development projects in 2019 than ever before. As winters continue to get colder up north, the inability to write off more than $10,000 in taxes on your home, political uncertainty in South America combined with tax friendly and affordable homes have made Fort Lauderdale a fast growing city with lots of great construction projects.

Unique Palms Development has been active with developing some of the finest, homes, townhouses, apartment complexes, and commercial projects with over 450 completed units since inception in the 1980's when Fort Lauderdale was still known as a spring break town.

Unique Palms Development Corporation of Broward County

Some of the best things about Fort Lauderdale is it's diverse culture, close proximity to a cruise port and international Airport, beautiful beaches, weather, restaurants, and a wealth of great opportunity.